In a previous article, we took a look at colour coding, and why it is so important for professional cleaners to implement a colour coding system. This provides part of the answer to the question, “Why is a cleaning schedule important?,” as colour coding and a cleaning schedule are the two cleaning system components that provide clients with the maximum protection against the transfer of bacteria from one place to another and reduce the risk of cross contamination.

At Crystal Clean Service, we adapt our professional cleaning service to the needs of each client, so we create a cleaning schedule around their business and its ever-changing requirements.
We ensure that a strict colour-coded cleaning schedule is in place to avert the risk of cross-contamination.
What’s more, our cleaning schedules designate a particular colour to an area of the business, so our cleaning staff can see at a glance what needs to be cleaned, how often, and with which equipment.
We give our clients the peace of mind that their staff are working in a clean and hygienic environment, so they can ask to see the cleaning schedule for their premises at any time.

There are a number of reasons why a cleaning schedule is important.
It is a vital tool for commercial cleaning services to maintain high standards and to ensure that employees are effective when performing their duties.
A cleaning schedule will safeguard the health and wellbeing of employees, visitors, and customers, providing peace of mind. In addition, the high standards and consistency it provides will enhance the service and reputation of the cleaning company.


Why is a cleaning schedule important? – Accountability

With tasks clearly designated and areas colour coded in the schedule, cleaning staff know exactly which cleaning tasks should be completed in individual areas and how frequently.
They don’t have to ask for information or instructions, and there is no excuse for failing to follow the cleaning schedule.
Our clients know that their place of business is clean and that their employees are working in a clean and tidy environment.

Why is a cleaning schedule important? – Consistency

Professional cleaning services should use cleaning schedules to set the standard for cleaning tasks.
Consistency is the key element to high standards of cleanliness and hygiene.
Sticking to a schedule will make sure that each cleaning task is performed regularly and consistently throughout the business premises.

Why is a cleaning schedule important? – Efficiency

A cleaning schedule establishes a routine for cleaning staff, so they can be more thorough and effective, making the most of the time they are on the client’s premises.
In effect, a schedule creates a workflow with a set task list that can be timed to enhance efficiency.
Our clients pay us to provide a professional cleaning service, and a cleaning schedule optimises the time our employees are cleaning, rather than wandering around looking for the right equipment, wondering which cleaning task to do next or trying to remember the last time they cleaned behind a piece of equipment or cupboard!

Why is a cleaning schedule important? – Quality Assurance

A cleaning schedule sets crystal clear (pardon the pun!) expectations for clients.
It will not only stipulate the tasks for completion, but it will also clearly define them in order of priority.
Here at Crystal Clean Service, our cleaning schedules ensure that our staff maintain consistently high standards, while demonstrating our commitment to clients for providing a quality cleaning service.
In commercial premises, cleanliness is often one of the first things customers notice.
A clean environment can, therefore, enhance the customer experience, highlighting the effectiveness of hiring professional cleaners to clean company premises.

Why is a cleaning schedule important? – Cost-effectiveness

Maintaining a cleaning schedule prevents the build-up of dirt, grease, and contamination, avoiding the need to close down for a deep clean.
Regular and consistent cleaning is, therefore, a more effective and sustainable solution.

Why is a cleaning schedule important? – Compliance

Many commercial business premises have to be compliant with health and safety regulations and/or hygiene standards.
Making sure that these requirements are covered by the cleaning schedule reduces the risk of liability.
This allows business owners to focus on running and growing their company, without worrying about cleanliness issues and whether their business is compliant with the relevant regulations.

Why is a cleaning schedule important? – Productivity

As part of creating a positive working environment for employees, a cleaning schedule ensures that workstations are clean and organised, enhancing wellbeing.
As the risk of cross-contamination is minimised, employees will take fewer sick days, increasing levels of productivity.
Moreover, if work stations are clean and tidy, employees will feel less stressed, boosting their morale and enhancing work performance.

Why is a cleaning schedule important? – Maintenance

Sticking to a cleaning schedule means that standards of cleanliness are upheld throughout commercial premises, and cleaning tasks are not overlooked, left to chance, or missed out.
Business premises are kept in the best condition, allowing regular maintenance and reducing the cost of repairs/redecoration caused through contamination or the build-up of dirt or grease on surfaces and equipment.

Why is a cleaning schedule important? – Reputation

Providing a clean and hygienic working environment is essential to the image and reputation of any commercial enterprise.
A cleaning schedule that promotes high standards of cleanliness helps companies to present their places of business in a professional and positive light to employees, visitors, and customers.
At Crystal Clean Service, we are committed to providing clients with the best cleaning service possible, and creating individual cleaning schedules is a vital part of that service.
Clients come to us because we offer a professional, reliable, and stress-free cleaning service, tailored to individual requirements:

  • Our team is committed to their wellbeing
  • We provide unrivalled attention to detail
  • We are flexible in meeting individual cleaning requirements
  • Our focus is on customer satisfaction
  • Our cleaning teams adhere to industry best practice via rigorous training programmes
  • We implement colour coding and cleaning schedules as standard

Why is a cleaning schedule important? Because it allows Crystal Clean Service to deliver the best service possible for our clients throughout South Yorkshire, allowing them to focus on their business activities without worrying about cleanliness. If your current cleaning company is not sticking to a cleaning schedule, call us on 0114 4010 550 today to talk about your requirements and ask for a quote. Take a look at our website to discover more about our professional cleaning services and why our clients choose Crystal Clean Service to clean their business premises.