Cleaning is more than just a mop and bucket.

ou will have heard us say a number of times that ‘cleaning is more than just a mop and bucket; cleaning is a science.’ 

When people hear this, we are sometimes met with strange looks or even a comment that we are over complicating things.  Statements similar to this are not uncommon and although there has been an increase in demand for professional cleaners, we have noticed that as we begin to return to “normal” that some cleaning standards and expectations have begun to slide.

Why is using a professional cleaner important in the workplace?

Professional commercial cleaners understand the risks associated with their job and they are trained to understand the correct use of products and equipment. They take measures to ensure their safety and that of those around them. As well as this because of their expert knowledge they know that our approach doesn’t cause damage to the surfaces that they are cleaning. At Crystal Clean, our cleaners ensure a hygienic finish that provides a pleasant and safe environment for you, your team and your customers. We know what products to use and how to do the job safely…..unfortunately not everyone’s approach is as considered.

Did you know?

When used incorrectly regular use of cleaning products can cause respiratory problems

Some cleaning products can cause serious burns on your skin and this contact can leave permanent scarring and even damage a nerve or internal organs.

Cleaning products have expiry dates, and some products that are readily available in the supermarket have caused a chemical fire when used beyond their expiration date

Some cleaning solutions will permanently damage smooth surfaces like kitchen work tops, ceramics and metals

Bleach is actually a stripping agent and overtime it will make your surfaces porous!

Not cleaning or changing your filter/bag in your vacuum at regular intervals will mean that dirt particles are redistributed into the air when you clean

Cleaning chemicals can be very dangerous and incidents have caused serious injury and even death.  We have all seen the Instagram reels showing the use of 8 different products in your toilet bowl….and we want this to STOP.  Under no circumstances should anyone ever mix cleaning chemicals as it can lead to catastrophic illness.

In 2019 a restaurateur in America attempted to clean a floor themselves and used two different products.  Super 8 (a bleached based product) and Scale Kleen (an acid based descaling product). When used together these products created a chemical reaction and the products then started to turn green and bubble. The restaurateur, completley unaware of how dangerous this was, attempted to clean the floor but these toxic fumes became overwhelming and sadly the manager died with many others within the building becoming extremely sick. This sad story is not unheard off in both domestic and commercial environments.  

As cleaning professionals, we know that mixing bleaches and acids is a huge mistake as the result can create a highly toxic chlorine gas.  We undergo regular training and understand the need to stay up to date with changes to products and techniques.

To prevent cleaning accidents, it is important to understand the science behind the cleaning and approach the task in a mindful way. Commercial cleaning isn’t a simple job that simply anyone can do which is why all our team members undergo thorough training before they are allowed to work on site and continue to receive ongoing support to maintain safe and high standards as well as keep up to date with changes in the industry.

So if you are considering bringing a cleaner into your business or your home please ensure that they can demonstrate their training, knowledge and expertise and that they are not putting themselves, you, your team or loved ones into harm’s way.