Forget spring cleaning, it’s all about the Autumn clean and with very good reason. A leading public health expert, Dr Lisa Ackerley, Professor from the University of Salford and Bosch, found that Autumn is the peak time for dirt and bacteria to grow. As the days become colder, the windows remain shut and the heating comes on. Whilst this is necessary, we are also creating ideal conditions for germs and mites to multiply. Dr Ackerley states “With Winter around the corner, removing all the grime from our carpets is a great idea and should help to reduce one potential cause of seasonal illness” 

An Autumnal deep clean will eliminate viruses and bacteria on the surfaces within your workplace. When our team provides a deep clean they will cover all the main areas including the offices, wash rooms and kitchens but will also pay special attention to additional touch points and completely sanitise a number of hot bed areas including:- 

  • Switches 
  • Water coolers and vending machines
  • Hand rails and door handles
  • Kettles, toasters and microwaves 
  • Photocopiers and printers 
  • Desks, telephones and keyboards 
  • Plus, any and all areas with high levels of interaction in your work place

We can also include additional areas: – 

  • Window and gutter cleaning
  • Clean ceilings
  • Carpets and furniture cleaning

All of our deep cleans are completed to your requirements, so if you have any additional or special needs our experienced team members will be able to help with this.

Our top tips to help you with an Autumnal clean: –

  1. Clean the carpets
    Thoroughly shampooing your carpets will not only rid them of dirt and grime but it will also help with the life span of the carpet too. Many manufacturers recommend a thorough clean every 6 -12 months.
  2. Clear out
    Sort through your filling cabinets, desks, drawers and shelves and get rid of anything you no longer need or use. Having clear spaces will enable a more thorough sanitisation process.
  3. Deep cleaning any upholstered furniture 
    Just like your carpets, anything fabric in your office would benefit from an annual deep clean. Shampooing the reception sofas and staff room areas will clean and maintain your furniture.

If you’re unsure if this is needed, turn it upside down and see what comes out!

  • Clean your windows and frames 

Cleaning your windows will help brighten up the view but cleaning the windows, the frames and the sills internally with a sanitiser, will really help to reduce the spread of germs

  • Recycle your stacks of paper

Paper and dust mites will grow in piles of paper, stored on the floors and desks, it’s time to sort through them. Shred, recycle and get rid of the paper.

For more information or advice please get in touch with the team at Crystal Clean Service