If you have never thought about the question, what do I do when my cleaner is on holiday, we would urge you to think about some of the consequences.

Firstly, if you employ your cleaner directly, or if they are self-employed, you will more than likely struggle to cover for them when they are on holiday or if they are taken ill suddenly. Then, if you try to cover their role yourself, you will probably only do the bare minimum (emptying the bins as you leave the office), thinking you will manage until they return.

Although this may sound okay in theory, it can be the first step to a drop in standard of cleanliness and hygiene, leaving you, your staff, and visitors to your business premises in danger of the effects of poor hygiene and cross contamination.

And what happens when your cleaner returns from their unexpected absence or holiday? They may have to work twice as hard to catch up on the jobs that have been neglected while they were away, defeating the whole objective of going on holiday in the first place! Or they could become overwhelmed by the amount of cleaning required to catch up, leaving them demotivated and unable to get on top of things.

What do I do when my cleaner is on holiday?

If you don’t hire a professional cleaning service, what happens when your regular cleaner goes away on holiday for a couple of weeks?

Let’s take a closer look at the disadvantages to your business when your regular self-employed cleaner is on holiday or off sick.

Cleaning schedule

In our blog post ‘Why is a cleaning schedule important?’, we highlighted the crucial role of a schedule to provide the maximum protection against cross contamination and the transferral of bacteria from one area to another.

The absence of a cleaner, for whatever reason, causes an interruption to the regular cleaning schedule.

Why is this important?

Because your business relies on consistent cleaning to maintain high standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

This ensures that any visitors to your premises, whether staff or visitors, will be safe from germs and cross contamination.

Any gaps in the cleaning schedule can therefore result in risks to health.

Dependency on one person

If you rely solely on self-employed cleaners, you may struggle to find suitable replacements for them when they take a holiday.

Or, if they suddenly become ill, who do you call for immediate cover?

Dependency on certain individuals to complete specific tasks is never a good idea in business, so why would you do this with cleaning staff?

Security concerns

Does your cleaner have a key to your business premises? Are they normally responsible for locking up when they leave?

Even when a cleaner provides holiday cover, you may not know anything about their replacement! If your normal cleaner has access to sensitive areas or confidential information, there could be security concerns with the person providing cover.

Client relationship

Even with self-employed cleaners, there should be a contract or agreement in place that specifies the cleaning service requirements of your business.

The inability to provide adequate cover for holidays, and particularly unexpected illness, can put a strain on your relationship if you feel the interruption in service is unacceptable or inconvenient.

Furthermore, if the contract stipulates that holiday cover should be provided, the cleaner is breaking their contract as well as letting you down by not providing the same standard of service whilst they are on holiday.


Self-employed cleaners may not have a system in place to provide backup support for their clients when needed. This can increase the impact of holidays on the cleaning schedule, affecting the continuity and standard of cleaning and hygiene.

What do I do when my cleaner is on holiday?

So, when it comes to cleaners taking holidays, what are the advantages of hiring a professional cleaning service or commercial cleaning company to clean your business premises?

Continuity of service

With a professional cleaning service, you can rely on high standards, consistency, and continuity 52 weeks a year. It is down to the cleaning company to ensure adequate holiday cover. They will have flexibility within their workforce to guarantee seamless cleaning services to clients without a hiatus in service or client disruption.

Trained and reliable cleaners

Commercial cleaning companies will maintain cleaning schedules through fully trained replacement staff who have been made aware of the particular requirements of your business. Staff providing holiday cover will have the necessary expertise to carry out the normal cleaning schedule without any disruption to service or lowering of hygiene standards.

Contract compliance

It is a good idea to make sure that any cleaning contract has adequate provision for holiday and sickness cover. Your contract is with the company, not individual cleaners! Failure to meet contractual requirements could result in penalties or even the loss of business. It is, therefore, in the interests of the professional cleaning company to have the required holiday cover in place.


In a service industry, reputation is everything! Commercial cleaning companies that provide a reliable service including holiday or absence cover, will enhance their reputation as being reliable, dependable, and professional. On the other hand, a cleaning company that breaks contracts, doesn’t provide adequate holiday cover, and lets clients down will find it difficult to win new business!

Employee retention

Cleaning company employees will also feel the benefit of holiday cover. They know that they can book a week off without worrying about their clients, knowing that their job will be done while they are away. Employees feel both valued and supported, improving job satisfaction, and making them less inclined to leave the company. The employer benefits from this increased job satisfaction, reducing employee turnover and training costs by building a loyal and conscientious workforce.

A professional cleaning company recognises the importance of providing holiday cover to:

  • Maintain an effective cleaning schedule
  • Guarantee client and employee satisfaction
  • Safeguard their business reputation
  • Ensure they are compliant with client contracts and industry standards

At Crystal Clean Service, our primary focus in on safety and hygiene, so we organise cover when our cleaners are on holiday. We have staff to cover for unexpected absences, so our clients can rest assured that their cleaning requirements will be covered, no matter what happens.

If you cannot answer the question ‘What do I do when my cleaner is on holiday?’, or you are worried about cleaning standards on your business premises, why not call Crystal Clean Service on 0114 4010 550 today to discuss your cleaning requirements, and let us take that worry away?