In recent survey by, Robert Scott, it revealed that 78% of cleaning businesses surveyed, expect the sustainability of their products and business practices to top the list of their customers’ priorities. We have seen very similar requests from our own clients too.

We launched our Crystal Change pledge in 2020 and we committed ourselves to ensuring a long-term, sustainable approach to cleaning. Our customers know that we are providing a quality service and we are a company that really cares about the impact we have on the environment.

Having spoken to several of our customers, we know how important it is, for them to work with a cleaner who has a clear sustainability policy and working practices. We know that our approach has also helped to support their own goals to reduce waste and improve sustainability.

We make every effort to improve our approach towards sustainability every year, but we are also very aware of the damaging impact cleaning products have on our environment. Our approach to improving our carbon footprint focuses in 5 areas.

1. Use non-abrasive chemicals

2. Use products responsibly

3. Reduce air pollution

4. Provide long term value

5. Recycle everything

Avoid harsh chemicals

We use 4 core cleaning products at Crystal Clean

  • Crystal Clean Degreaser
  • Crystal Line Sanitising Surface Cleaner
  • Crystal Line Toilet Descaler
  • Crystal Line Glass Cleaner

All these products are non-abrasive and do not contain ammonia or bleach. We work with water activated cleaning products that means only the absolute necessary products and chemicals are used on every site.

Never mix products

It is hugely important to understand the guidance laid out by COSHH. General cleaning products are not designed to be mixed and it is not necessary to use multiple products for the same job. Whilst it may be popular on social media to mix multiple cleaning products to achieve a sparking toilet it is huge mistake with potentially very dangerous consequences.

Did you know that mixing Bleach and Ammonia will produce Chloramine, this can cause shortness of breath and chest pain and prolonged use can cause permanent damage to your respiratory health….and here’s the real surprise, many supermarket bathroom cleaners contain ammonia! Emissions from the manufacture and use of ammonia-based products causes ongoing damage to soil and water environments. When ammonia is then mixed with other products the gases released create further damaging emissions

Smelling clean is not the same as being clean.

Using products like furniture polish and air fresheners is a superficial approach to cleaning and do not actually work to rid solid surfaces of germs, dirt and bacteria but they do contribute towards air pollution as many contain cadmium, methanol, or benzene. We value reducing air pollution over a short lived lavender scent.


It is important that the products used are fit for purpose and that they appropriately clean and sanitise the sites we work in, but all products and supplies need to represent value to both us and our customers. The cheapest option is very rarely the best. We use cloths, mops and brushes that are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised after each use but they really do last. Because we source quality items, we are proud that many purchases have lasted years. The longer products last the less is wasted.

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!

We are passionate about recycling and are committed to ensuring that we separate and recycling our waste, we are proud that we can recycle 95% of our waste. We also look to purchase items that have been recycled before we purchase them, we use containers and cloths that are made from recycled products.

These are just a few examples of how we are beginning our pledge for change.  So, if you are looking to work with a cleaner with a sustainable approach, get in touch with our team today.