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Computer and Telephone Cleaning and Sanitation Services

Did you know that your workstation, computers and telephones breed more bacteria than the average toilet seat? Regular cleaning of your computers, laptops and telephones could save you valuable time and money.

Reducing the amount of cross contamination in your offices may result in fewer absences due to illness, and can also reduce costly breakdowns of your equipment. So whilst your office is being cleaned, surely it makes sense to take advantage of our computer and keyboard sanitisation services whilst our staff are on site?  We provide two types of cleaning services specifically for workstations – a basic clean and a deep clean.

Not only is it vital that workstations are kept clean and tidy they must also be thoroughly cleansed and regularly sanitized. This can prevent the spread of germs and potentially harmful micororganisms that lead to sickness and absence within the office. This is especially important in hot desking environments.

Our commercial cleaning services are completed to the highest professional standards. We therefore provide tailored packages to suit your specific requirements. At Crystal Clean Service we understand the importance of causing minimal disruption and therefore can work flexibly to your time specific schedules.


A basic clean is performed weekly to prevent dust from building up on workstations. A damp cloth and sanitizer is used to clean the workstation and the phones, keyboards and monitors are dusted with either a feather duster or dry a microfibre cloth to remove dust. This cleaning service helps to keep equipment dust free and increase its life span.


A deep clean sanitises the workstation and everything associated with it – i.e. keyboards are brushed out and sanitised, monitors are cleaned, mice and mouse mats are cleansed too. – this helps not only keep equipment dust free but also removes any nasty bacteria ensuring stations are clean and hygienic.


  • Deliver high quality and consistent services.
  • Use environmentall friendly cleaning products.
  • Support and manage your cleaners.
  • Complete audits to ensure we are maintaining standards.
  • Take away your frustrations and leave you with a safe and clean place to work.

Flexible Packages

When your needs change, our service levels can too. We are flexible to meet the needs of your business.

People Matter

We look after our people, so they look after your people! Feel at ease as we monitor and manage the cleaners leaving you to focus on your own workload.

Safety First

Our strict colour coded cleaning schedules and equipment means that your site is never at risk of cross-contamination.


  • Is it ok to give your cleaners access to my building if no one is in?

    All the cleaners at Crystal Clean Service are checked through the DBS service and everyone has undergone thorough training prior to starting. All cleaners are also assigned a Supervisor who will perform spot checks to ensure all standards are being met too.

  • Can I add additional services on an Adhoc basis?

    Of course, if you require one off deep cleans, sanitisation services, carpet cleans or window cleaning adding to your regular services ask your cleaner and one of our Supervisors will be in touch to discuss your needs.

  • What happens when our cleaning is on holiday?

    We have a team of over 90 cleaners so when your regular cleaner is away, we will ensure another cleaner, who is fully aware of your requirements will continue to provide you with your regular cleaning service.


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