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Carbon Footprint

Total paper based product Carbon Footprint estimate = 0.08 tonnes of CO2e

We based our calculation on the paper source, the distance it has been transported, the printing press where the item has been printed and the products used.

Paper Products

Given that paper products make up about 1% or less of our carbon footprint, going “paperless” will not achieve significant reductions but it is still a change worth considering….if you don’t need to use it then lose it!

Key facts about climate change, forests and paper

  • Sustainably managed forests provide an important ecosystem service.  Carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere by trees and stored for a period before being returned to the atmosphere. Sequestered carbon is stored not only in trees but also in forest products [including paper] for periods ranging from days to centuries. Growing trees also releases oxygen into the atmosphere, thereby supporting life on our planet.
  • Terrestrial ecosystems store about 2,100 Gigatonnes of carbon in living organisms, litter and soil organic matter, which is almost three times that currently present in the atmosphereOf this, boreal and temperate forests store about 700 Gt and tropical forests another 500 Gt.

Source:- http://twosidesna.org/US/our-carbon-footprint-how-do-paper-products-fit-in/#_edn9 

Carbon Details
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