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Carbon Footprint

Total chemical based product Carbon Footprint estimate = 0.36 tonnes of CO2e

We based our calculation on the product source, component materials, manufacturing process, the distance it has been transported and the packaging.

The Chemicals

Estimated carbon footprints of chemical production vary widely from chemical to chemical. While some estimates place  cleaning and personal care products at approximately 0.7lbs of CO2 emissions per pound of product, this number is only an estimated guess. It is made even harder to predict the carbon footprint of our cleaners due to the lack of information on the actual contents. A study conducted in 2012 by the EWG Cleaners Database concluded that only 7% of cleaning products sufficiently disclose their composition. This means that despite efforts to read labels and search for non-toxic and low impact cleaning products, current legislation does not help to clearly identify the contents of cleaning chemicals.

Source:- https://theecoguide.org/carbon-footprint-household-cleaners

On top of the manufacturer of the product and its packaging it is also important to consider the transport of the products too.

Assuming an average transport distance of 2,000 km and a CO2 emission rate of 62 grams per tonne shipped each km, over 25 million kg of CO2 are released into our atmosphere as a result of transporting cleaning products.

Source: http://mydizolve.com/learn/

Carbon Details
Chemical Type CrystalLine Degreaser
Chemical Type Glass Cleaner
Chemical Type Toilet Descaler
Chemical Type Paper Towels
Chemical Type Hand Sanitiser
Chemical Type Washing Up Liquid