Kitchen hygiene is the number one priority with most of our customers.

When we visit a new site and we talk to our clients about their main priorities, it is nearly always to stay on top of hygiene and the kitchen comes at the top of their list of places to keep germ free. At a recent new assessment, our client told us about how they use antibacterial cleaner and wipes to stay on top of the germs, they were very surprised to find out that this may not have been doing the job they hoped!

Anti Bac is not the only product available

Anti bacterial sprays will help to kill germs and bacteria but you need to make sure the surfaces are properly cleaned first. We use commercial products to ensure that when we tackle surfaces they are left clean and hygienic without and dirt or debris, but we have found that a good quality detergent, hot water and a monitored antibacterial system are the best ways to stay on top of germs in the work place.

A regular cleaning schedule with detergents will be the most effective way to remove harmful bacteria and we use our tried and tested CrystalLine Degreaser product, which for years we have found to be very effective in maintaining high standards of hygiene in the workplace. Some of our clients love the product so much they buy extra bottles, so they can use it at home!

Whilst disposable wipes may be convenient they can have a negative impact on the water network and the environment it may be time to look at alternatives. We use good quality cloths, sponges and mop heads at Crystal Clean to ensure that the clean is always of a high standard. We then wash all our cleaning products at our HQ in Sheffield to kill off any bugs and keep the cloths in a good condition for continual reuse. If you are still looking for something on top of regular detergents that are biodegradable to assist with your cleaning regime, alcohol and vinegar are good natural products that kill germs and bacteria and they are both environmentally friendly.

When you think about the best ways to stay on top of hygiene in the work place, it is worth remembering that all your team members need to practice good hand hygiene. There are many guides that provide advice on hand washing to prevent the spread of germs and the NHS give some really good advice, you can follow their tips here.  Previous studies showed that up 50% of people don’t wash their hands after visiting the toilet, then when you then consider how many times the kettle is used at work it might be worth sharing the video!

To find out more about maintaining high levels of hygiene in the work place get in touch with one of our team members today