• Cleaning is easy, right?

    Cleaning is easy, right?

    We all clean; we are able to keep our homes clean and tidy so why is it different in the work place? Over the years we have heard people say to us; “Cleaning is so easy; I don’t understand why it is so difficult to get it right at work?” Over the last ten years we have cleaned a number of different businesses; from warehouses to offices, schools, dealerships and workshops and we completely understand what is needed to ensure that our clients receive a high standard of cleaning, the fact is that commercial cleaning isn’t just about the cleaner. Read more

  • Are you getting ready to go back to work?

    Are you getting ready to go back to work?

    The government has provided guidance on cleaning, how to get your business ready to reopen and what would be best practice to help reduce cross contamination and the risk of spreading the virus once your team are back… Read more

  • Are your toilets an embarrassment?

    Are your toilets an embarrassment?

    When you get an over powering odour coming from the toilets in your workplace, the effects can be very negative. The smell on its own can be offensive but unkept washrooms can result in reduced productivity, as it can make some staff feel undervalued. It can also leave visitors and potential customers with a negative impression of your business. If your toilets suffer from unpleasant odours you have probably noticed this has become worse over the summer. Read more

  • Using cleaning products safely

    Using cleaning products safely

    Are you doing enough to ensure the safe use of cleaning chemicals in your workplace? Did you know that it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that you have the correct procedures in place, to protect your employees from risks relating to the chemicals on your premises? Read more

  • Do you need to spend extra time cleaning your desks?

    Do you need to spend extra time cleaning your desks?

    We work with a number of office based business. All have a number of desks, computers and phones and all face similar issues with areas not being left clear and tidy. This means that unfortunately the desks are not being cleaned properly. After reading an article about the number of germs harboured on a keyboard, one of our customers recognised the problem in her own workplace and felt a deep clean was long over due, she also asked for advice on sanitising the equipment and the desks. Read more