We work with many businesses in South Yorkshire and all have faced similar issues with previous cleaners not being able to clean properly.  It can be very difficult to maintain a germ-free environment if desks are not cleared on a regular basis because the cleaners are not able to fully sanitise these areas and in some cases have not been provided with the right products and equipment but added to that the recent heat waves have only accelerated the problem.

When the days become warmer it is even more important to ensure that everywhere is cleaned properly.  Did you know that air temperature is key for bacteria? Generally speaking, cold air kills germs while warm air incubates them. These factors, combined with poor cleaning standards can play a large part in how quickly viruses and germs spread within the office.

Viruses and germs can survive anywhere from a few hours to a few days on surfaces throughout your office. The fridge can be a host to many, with everyone touching the handle up to a hundred times a day. Other surfaces like doorknobs, taps, drawers, computer mouse, keyboard, stapler, scissors, desks, chairs and bins can all be transmitters, as every time someone touches them they can transfer germs and viruses from one surface to another.

An article in cleaning matters highlighted the ongoing problems that dirty surfaces can cause for large organisations like Virgin …

‘’Wendy Peck, service support manager at Virgin Money, was concerned that untidy desks and dirty hardware would become a Health and Safety issue, with staff sickness caused by bacteria in areas that had not been cleaned in a long time. 

Peck contracted a cleaning company, who specialised in the control of bacteria on computers, telephones and desk areas down to trace levels.”
It is common that once sanitisation cleans are implemented, you see a shift in the general tidiness of people’s desks, helping the cleaning team to stay on top of the bacteria with their weekly cleans. 

Our top tips to keeping your office germ free this summer

  • Empty your bins daily.  Do not leave food waste in the office or canteens when the temperatures are high
  • Clean the bins and the lids with an antibacterial spray daily.
  • Wipe down your desk with a light antibacterial cleaner on a daily basis
  • Get your cleaner to use a Anti Microbial 14 day Surface Shield that prevents germs and viruses surviving on surfaces
  • Open the windows every day to allow a flow of fresh air
  • Empty the vacuum bag after each clean
  • Wash the cloths and mops after each clean
  • Continue to promote healthy hand hygiene ensure washing and sanitisation areas always have a full supply of soap and hand gel.

Did you know that research revealed employees could reduce the transmission of germs by up to 90% when they remember to take these preventative steps?

What are you doing to keep your workplace hygienic and clean?