We wanted to get in touch and see how things are going for you at the moment. Since the lockdown changes quite a few businesses are looking at possible ways in which they can reopen, and we wanted to see help if we can.

The government has provided guidance on cleaning and how to get your business both ready to reopen and also what would be best practice to help reduce cross contamination and risk spreading the virus once your team are back,

We have been providing step by step guidance on social media this week to help you prepare but we thought it might also be useful to get in touch and provide you the guide in one email:-

  1. Conduct a risk assessment of your workplace and what will needed to be done prior to reopening and then on a regular basis too
  2. Ensure you have supplies of antibacterial cleaning products, hand wash and sanitiser
  3. Check the ventilation in your building – this is important in providing a clean air flow for your team, if you don’t have air-conditioning look at providing fans and opening windows and doors
  4. Increase the cleaning of work areas and equipment each day
  5. Increase the cleaning of common touch points, such as door handles, keyboards, light switches and kettles
  6. Make sure bins are emptied daily
  7. Reduce the paper use in your office, do as much digitally as possible
  8. Provide hand sanitiser at all entry and exit points and in the washrooms
  9. Increase cleaning requirements for the toilets to ensure they are kept clean
  10. Increase the cleaning of all busy areas.
  11. Provide more waste bins and increase the frequency of your rubbish collections
  12. Provide paper towels as an alternative to hand dryers and towels

As your cleaning partner, we are here to support you in any way we can, we can provide risks assessment and checklist that you can use inhouse and we can also provide sanitisation services if you need them.

We hope that you, your team and your loved ones are safe and well and we are always here if you need any advice or support.

Hayley, Sarize and the Crystal Clean team.