You may wonder why we are asking the question ‘Does your cleaning company track their employees?’

It’s because most commercial cleaning companies will have employees dispersed across a number of sites across a geographical location.

This can make employee management difficult without employing a team of supervisors on the ground to monitor schedules and attendance.

However, with modern technology, it has become much easier to manage and track the movements of a remote workforce.

Why have an employee tracking system in place?

Quite simply because our employees are our cleaning service.

They carry out their cleaning tasks for clients whilst representing Crystal Clean Service, so it is important that we have adequate procedures for staff management in place to ensure:

• Efficiency
• High standards
• Client satisfaction
• Regulatory compliance for us and our clients
• Employee satisfaction and the retention of staff

For professional cleaning companies like Crystal Clean Service, it is important to provide our clients with the best service possible for their cleaning needs.

In order to do this, we need to make sure that our employees:

• Turn up on time
• Perform the scheduled cleaning tasks effectively and efficiently
• Work the allotted number of hours
• Leave the premises when they are supposed to

We therefore have a tailor-made tracking system with remote clocking on/off to ensure we can manage our workforce effectively.

What is a tracking system?

There are lots of digital options available to companies operating a remote workforce.

Time and attendance technology has developed rapidly during the last few years so commercial cleaning companies can see individual site and employee activity including:

  • Sickness
  • Non-attendance
  • Missed shifts
  • Timekeeping habits such as punctuality or habitual lateness

In addition, employers can compare hours worked with client contracts to make sure that employees are on site and working for the contracted number of hours.

As a professional cleaning company, the key benefit for Crystal Clean Service is that a tracking system provides us with accurate information about:

  • Clocking on/out times
  • Number of hours worked
  • Employee performance against budget

This enables us to pay our employees for actual hours worked, eradicating under/over payment issues as well as provide our clients with accurate billing information against their contract requirements.

On request, we can provide every client with a copy of the clocking on sheet for their cleaning team.

You wouldn’t like to think that you are paying your current professional cleaning service for more hours than those worked, would you?

If you think you are paying over the odds, ask them for a copy of the clocking on sheet, so you can check it against invoiced hours.

What are the advantages of a tracking system?

There are a number of advantages to using a tracking system to monitor cleaning staff:


A tracking system can have the same effect on performance as fitting a black box into a vehicle!

It has been found that driver behaviour improves when they know they are being monitored.

In much the same way, cleaning employees are more motivated to stay on track and perform their cleaning duties more efficiently when they know they are being monitored.

This accountability gives clients peace of mind when they understand that there is a clear record of who is on their premises and when, especially when coupled with a cleaning schedule.


Commercial cleaning companies can identify inefficiencies using information from the tracking system.

They can update cleaning schedules and provide a more efficient service to the client.

Identifying tasks where more time is required for completion allows employers to assess whether schedules are optimised, whether more training is required, or how productivity can be improved to reduce costs both for the cleaning company and the client.

Quality control

Because the cleaning service knows exactly who is on site and when, it enables supervisors to assess the quality of work for each employee when they visit the site.

They will be able to:

  • Identify areas where there is room for improvement
  • Assess whether time for tasks has been correctly allocated
  • Monitor the quality of work per employee
  • Evaluate whether more training is required by task or employee

This culture of continuous improvement benefits clients by reassuring them that their cleaning services meet the highest standards.

Accurate invoicing

We have already touched on the subject of accurate invoicing earlier in this article, but it is extremely important to the client that they only pay for the hours and services actually carried out.

It is also imperative for the good reputation of professional cleaning companies that their billing system is fair, accurate and transparent.

There is a lot of competition out there and bad reviews can be costly!

Safety and security

Knowing when cleaning staff are on clients’ premises could be important in certain situations or environments:

  • Sole worker’s safety
  • Health & Safety
  • Emergencies
  • Incidents
  • Unauthorised access

The Crystal Clean Service clocking system helps us to support our lone workers providing protection and for health and safety purposes.

The tracking system also provides clients with the reassurance that everyone has left the premises in the event of a fire, or that nobody is allowed into sensitive areas of the building without the correct authorisation.

The system can also deter unscrupulous employees from theft, vandalism, or unauthorised access as it clearly shows when they are present. (Please be assured here that we thoroughly check out our employees and so this would never occur on our clients’ premises!)

In the event of incidents, a tracking system can provide evidence for a police or insurance investigation by establishing a timeline or identifying possible witnesses.


Tracking systems can help commercial cleaning companies to comply with labour law in respect to:

  • Working hours
  • Overtime
  • Providing adequate breaks from work
  • Holiday/sickness pay

In addition, some clients may operate in industries where there are strict regulations regarding cleaning in the workplace.

Reports can be produced in the case of transgressions, disputes or claims relating to cleaning staff behaviour while on clients’ premises.

Does your cleaning company track their employees?

In this article, we have examined the benefits of a tracking system to professional cleaning companies, employees, and clients alike.

At Crystal Clean Service, it is important to us to look after our staff so they can look after our clients, whilst providing a consistently high quality cleaning service.

Using a tracking system enables us to do this while building a happy workforce and establishing our reputation in the industry for providing a stress-free, reliable cleaning service.

Does your cleaning company track their employees? We certainly hope so, but if the answer is ‘No’, why not call Crystal Clean Service on 0114 4010 550 today to talk about your cleaning requirements or take a look at our website to find out more? We have happy clients across South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, who rely on us to provide them with an efficient and professional cleaning service. What’s more, we provide them with accurate billing!