We work with a number of office based business. All have a number of desks, computers and phones and all face similar issues with areas not being left clear and tidy. This means that unfortunately the desks are not being cleaned properly. After reading an article about the number of germs harboured on a keyboard, one of our customers recognised the problem in her own workplace and felt a deep clean was long over due, she also asked for advice on sanitising the equipment and the desks.

Some people who work in offices can be unaware that their desks and equipment are not being cleaned properly, thinking that because they can smell the polish that all areas in their office have been covered. Just because a room smells clean, it doesn’t mean that all areas have been actually been cleaned.

We like many other cleaning companies operate a no clear desk policy where if it’s not clear it doesn’t get cleaned. We do this to protect both our cleaners and our clients. Nobody wants that vital piece of paperwork you’ve been working on for months to go missing. So, do yourself and the cleaners a favour and clear your desks and make it accessible for cleaning. If you are unaware when your cleaners are coming in, we can provide you with a schedule to help you stay on top of it.  Bear in mind that if we haven’t had access to your desk for a number of weeks or months, bacteria will begin to build up and nobody wants that on their desks!

An article in cleaning matters also highlighted the on going problem. Even large organisations like Virgin have to find ways to tackle the issue…

‘’Wendy Peck, service support manager at Virgin Money, was concerned that untidy desks and dirty hardware would become a Health and Safety issue, with staff sickness caused by bacteria in areas that had not been cleaned in a long time. Peck contracted a cleaning company, who specialised in the control of bacteria on computers, telephones and desk areas down to trace levels.”

It is common, that once sanitisation cleans are implemented, you see a shift in the general tidiness of peoples desks, helping the cleaning team to stay on top of the bacteria with their weekly clean. You never know it might even mean some of those massive piles of paper work finally get filed away!

If you would like to find out how we can help you stay on top of the cleanliness of your office, get in touch.