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Our Top Tips - All in One Place

Top Tips Cleaning Workplace Toilets

  • Use a quality antibacterial cleaning product clean from top to bottom, starting with the cistern lid
  • Pay particular attention to the flush leaver or button
  • Use different cloths for outer areas and the toilet bowl. This will reduce risk of cross contamination
  • When you have finished close the door put the seat down and sit on it and check everything is cleaned properly. It is common to miss areas behind the doors as these are propped open to clean.

Top Tips on Cleaning Laminate Floors

  • Laminate floors should not be cleaned any abrasives products or any products with ammonia.
  • Clean the floors regularly with a dry or damp mop.
  • If a cleaning solution is needed a professional product like #CrystalLine Degreaser, or white vinegar can be used.

Top Tips to get coffee stains out of your carpet

  • Work quickly. Don’t let it dry, take a clean cloth or paper towel and gently blot (don’t rub) to soak up as much liquid as possible.
  • Treat with water first Treat the area with lukewarm water (hot water could set the stain) Add a little to the area with a wet sponge or cloth and then blot off the excess liquid
  • Use a good cleaning product Carpet shampoo or Crystalline Degreaser will work perfectly but if you don’t have either, look for a non-bleach cleaner or washing powder. (test in a small area first) You will only need a small amount and then blot off the excess liquid
  • Rinse the treated area. Once applied, rinse the area and finally repeat the blotting process until the cleaning solution and the coffee stains are stain are gone.
  • Leave to dry – Place a clean, dry towel with a weight on top (like a heavy book), and leave for a few hours……

Top Tips Sanitise Your Phone

  • Your mobile phone is likely to have more germs than a toilet seat!
  • When was that last time you cleaned yours? Use an alcohol/antibacterial wipe, and give your computer mouse and desk phone a going over too.

Top Tips to Clean Your Microwave

  • Put a bowl of hot water inside and set on high for 5 minutes.
  • The steam this creates will loosen all the stuck on food,
  • Now simply wipe away with a cloth

Top Tips to Clean Your Sponges and Scourers

  • To thoroughly disinfect your sponges and scorers we recommend two ways……
  • Place your sponge in the microwave for one minute
  • Sponges that have metallic scrub pads cannot be disinfected in the microwave, but can be cleaned in a dishwasher on the top shelf (you can put it on with your pots)

Top Tips to keeping your office clean

If your office is quiet why not take the opportunity to have a really good sort out.

  • Sort and clear old paperwork. – File or shed as much as you can
  • Empty the all the bin liners and then thoroughly clean the bins themselves with
  • disinfectant
  • Wash and disinfect all your cleaning equipment from cloths to your vacuum cleaner
  • If possible move your furniture so that a thorough vacuum can take place
  • Deep clean the kitchens and bathrooms
  • Wash the windows
  • Disinfect all the touchpoint and handrails

Top Tips Cleaning Your Mirrors

  • Use lemon juice to remove hard water marks first
  • A 50/50 water and vinegar solution is perfect for cleaning your mirror
  • Work quickly with two flat weave microfibre cloths, one to add on your solution
  • and one to dry afterwards
  • Avoid using paper or cotton fibre towels as they will leave behind small particles on your mirror

Top tips To Get Chewing Gum Out of Carpets or Fabrics

The secret is to make it really hard and you do this but freezing it…

  • Put ice cubes in a plastic bag and place it on the gum or if it’s a small piece or fabric place it in the freezer
  • Leave for 5- 10 minutes so that the gum becomes frozen Use a knife or scraper to remove it from the rug or fabric
  • Use a mild cleaning solution like soap and a drop of white vinegar to remove any stains
  • Blot dry and then leave a paper towel weighted down on the areas