Trying to meet all the requirements for providing a Covid safe workplace is overwhelming. This ever-changing situation can be very difficult to navigate, how much time are you now having to spend on Covid related tasks at work? We all know the importance of providing a safe environment during the pandemic but realistically how much can you do yourself?  Many businesses outsource a number of tasks, is cleaning one that you should consider?

How are you managing your cleaning?

If you are currently managing your cleaning inhouse have you considered the benefits of having an external provider? When you have professional service, you get more than just a simple clean. 

  • We provide a Full Covid Cleaning Risk Assessment, with regular review dates. This is specific to your businesses needs and ensures you are compliant with current cleaning guidelines.
  • We provide an enhanced cleaning schedule, so we are able meet your expectations and our own high standards. We use clearly defined lists to ensure that all areas are thoroughly disinfected on each visit.
  • We use only professional cleaning products, specifically designed for commercial places. Some of these products are from our own ‘Crystal Line” range, we know exactly what is in them and that they will be safe to use in your workplace. Using the right chemical products correctly and with the appropriate equipment is a massively important part of cleaning. Although you can buy many cleaning products in the supermarket, they are not designed for business places and could damage your surfaces and even in some cases when mixed they can create toxic gasses.
  • We can provide a regular supply of hand sanitiser, antibacterial cleaners and wipes. As a commercial seller we can ensure that you won’t run out.
  • The number one priority is to ensure that when a clean takes place, it is thorough and with the very specific purpose of ensuring that germs and viruses are removed from your surfaces. There is a big difference in something looking and smelling clean and actually being sanitised. There are effective disinfectants that have very little odour and then there are others that may have a very strong ammonia scent but have do not have effective sanitisation properties. 

If you are unsure whether your cleaning routine is effective against Covid19 ask for more information about procedures and the products. As commercial cleaners we are always happy to provide any information, as it helps to keep our customers informed and provides piece of mind that we are working hard to provide high levels of cleanliness.