“I only buy all the best products for cleaning; Flash, Domestos, Dettol, so why when you come to do the cleaning at the office, why do I not recognise any of these branded products?”

The big brands and the supermarket branded cleaners are the products that most people will buy and have under their sink at both the home and the office. Sometimes people think that because we don’t use these products, that we are providing lower quality and potentially substandard products. This is not the case, the products that we use are the best and the safest the market has to offer, even better than the big brands you recognise!

So; what’s the difference

At Crystal Clean we use a number of cleaning products but our core three are

Degreaser, Sanitiser and our Washroom Cleaner but how do these differ from the brands available in the supermarkets?

Firstly, there is a very clear difference with the labelling of the products.

professional Cleaning product

Our products are labelled very clearly and highlight any potential hazards and toxins, these are large, recognisable and on the front of the packaging and the products all come with full and complete data sheets. Did you know that any kind of chemical that is used in the work place should have full data sheets stored with them? This is to meet the regulations set by COSHH and to ensure that if any incidents occur the safety information is readily available. The information supplied by the supermarket brands is contained to the back of bottle, is very small and is limited. Chemicals are prone to reactions and the more information you have the better you are able to deal with any incidents.00

Secondly, the products we use come in larger packages and containers. The spray bottles are durable and can be easily refilled. This all reduces the amount of plastic waste and therefore helps to reduce the impact your business has on the environment.

Thirdly and most importantly the cleaning power is considerably more effective. Our products are provided in a concentrated format and can be diluted in accordance with the needs of the clean. Persistent dirt and grime will require a higher concentrated chemical, a regular floor clean will need to be diluted, the products advise dilution levels to achieve the best results. Our trained cleaners fully understand the products, their ingredients and the potential reactions, this knowledge ensures your safety and that your equipment and furniture is not damaged. Supermarket brands can have disastrous effects when they come in to contact with each other, in the worst-case scenario they can create toxic gases that can have deadly effects.

Cleaning products whether bought from the supermarket or a wholesaler, are chemicals and they should be handled carefully and used in conjunction with the instructions provided. If you would like advice about cleaning products, please get in touch info@crystalcleanservice.co.uk