Commercial cleaning products are specifically formulated for deep cleaning, so are better and safer than supermarket alternatives in a work environment.

In a recent article, we looked at some of the advantages of hiring a commercial cleaner for business premises, rather than a self-employed cleaner. 

One of the most compelling reasons for doing so is because of the grade of cleaning products they will use. 

In the workplace, foot traffic is much higher than it would be at home, resulting in a more concentrated and wider spread of germs or pathogens. 

This is especially true in shared areas like receptions, kitchens, and toilets, where footfall may be greater and include both workers and visitors. 

Cleaners have to, therefore, ensure that the products they use can disinfect thoroughly. 

Commercial cleaning products are normally supplied at higher concentration and in larger containers and have to be diluted to the right concentration depending on the task. 

For more persistent grime that is more difficult to break down, a higher concentration may be required. 

This is not the case with household cleaners which come ready to use.

In addition, because the cleaning bottles used by commercial cleaners are both durable and refillable, it means there is less plastic being disposed of, whereas supermarket brands have smaller, standard sized containers that are not refillable.

Using household cleaners in commercial or industrial situations is unsatisfactory because they have not been formulated to disinfect such a high concentration of germs. 

In addition, anti-bacterial wipes are not effective against high levels of bacteria. If even one particle is left behind, bacteria can recolonise a surface within a short time frame. 

Incorrect use of cleaning products

We have all seen those films where the hero of the hour is trapped inside the cleaning stores and mixes chemicals together to cause an explosion or fire, haven’t we? 

Well, this isn’t as far-fetched as you thought! 

The Crystal Clean Supervisors

Many people don’t realise that how dangerous cleaning products can be, including those bought at the supermarket. 

If used incorrectly, by mixing different cleaners, to tackle a problem area or using products that have passed their expiry date, the effects can be serious, causing:

  • Respiratory difficulties 
  • Skin irritations 
  • Allergic reactions
  • Illness
  • Permanent scarring
  • Internal organ damage
  • Damage to surfaces
  • Dirt/germ redistribution

In extreme cases, this can even result in death. 

For example, if an acid-based cleaning product is mixed with a bleach-based product, this results in the production of chlorine gas which is extremely toxic. If conditions are right, the fumes can spread over a large area, causing widespread sickness, and breathing difficulties. 

Unfortunately, self-employed cleaners rarely have the same high standard of training and in-depth knowledge asprofessional cleaners, and they can be ignorant of the fact that mixing bleach and acid is extremely dangerous.

Professional cleaning companies make sure that their employees understand the dangers of mixing cleaning solutions containing different chemical ingredients, by explaining the science and demonstrating safe procedures. 

What is even more important, is that they will ensure that any changes in the formula are communicated clearly and immediately to staff. 

They will also provide in-depth training on the correct use of cleaning products, and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), such as masks, heavy duty gloves, overshoes, overalls, and safety glasses to be used where necessary, along with the correct signage for when hazardous cleaning is in progress.

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)

At Crystal Cleaning Service, like many professional cleaning companies, we have data sheets for all the cleaning products our cleaners take to or store on business premises to use every day. 

COSHH regulations apply to a number of substances and chemicals, including cleaning products – in fact anything that could pose a health risk when stored or used in the workplace. 

These data sheets are provided by our suppliers and stored with the relevant product. 

They contain important information relating to the composition, storage, and use of the product. 

This means that should an incident occur, all the information relating to that particular product is readily available so that spillages or incidents can be dealt with immediately. 

In worst case scenarios, it is essential that this information is available for the emergency services.

Commercial cleaning products are also clearly labelled on the front of the packaging and any ingredients that could be hazardous are highlighted. 

You will know from the cleaning products in your home, that supermarket labels have all the information on the back of the product in tiny writing!  

It is essential for health and safety reasons to make sure that cleaners are aware of the chemical composition of cleaning products, the hazards they may pose to health and how to use them correctly.  

This is not necessarily the case with self-employed cleaners, so it is important to establish from the outset that they have the knowledge and experience to use all cleaning products safely, whether they are off the shelf or commercial cleaning products.

Supermarket cleaning products and allergies

Many branded or supermarket cleaning products contain high concentrations of fragrance and different levels of chemicals. 

This could affect the health of workers with skin and/or respiratory allergies, especially if the products are changed from week to week according to what is available or on offer locally. 

As we have already explained above, because the labelling is not particularly clear, cleaners could not be aware that mixing products together could cause any or all of the health symptoms we described earlier in this article.

Commercial cleaning isn’t about buying a bottle or two of cleaning solution from the supermarket and wiping things down. 

In order to be effective and clear the workplace of germs, cleaning needs to be undertaken methodically with the right products for the job.

Here at Crystal Clean Service, our employees are trained to the highest standard in the correct application of our cleaning products. 

They know which products to use for specific areas or tasks and will ensure that all surfaces are cleaned thoroughly without damage or ill-effects to your staff or visitors. 

Moreover, they are trained to maintain both safe and high standards and are kept up to date with changes in the composition of our commercial cleaning products or changes in the industry. 

We work across South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire so if you would like to learn more about the advantages of hiring a commercial cleaning company to clean your business premises, call us for a chat on 0114 4010 550 or contact us with your requirements.