We all clean; we are able to keep our homes clean and tidy so why is it different in the work place? Over the years we have heard people say to us; “Cleaning is so easy; I don’t understand why it is so difficult to get it right at work?” Over the last ten years we have cleaned a number of different businesses; from warehouses to offices, schools, dealerships and workshops and we completely understand what is needed to ensure that our clients receive a high standard of cleaning, the fact is that commercial cleaning isn’t just about the cleaner.

Cleaning is more than the cleaner

Although on the surface cleaning is an easy task, commercial cleaning is a much more complicated job and each job needs to be planned properly. Cleaners must understand COSHH, have complete and thorough schedules in place, work within the H&S regulations, carry the appropriate insurance, perform regular audits and ensure necessary training for all staff, the list of requirements is in-depth and tailored. Did you receive a thorough checklist from your current provider? To ensure consistent, high standards, the cleaning requirements need to be clear from the outset and then carried out in conjunction with needs of your business.

Your cleaning needs will have bespoke requirements and a commercial company should ensure these are met. When we meet with potential new clients we always ask if there are areas that are not getting covered by their current provider? These are the top things we have been asked to stay on top off (because their last cleaners didn’t)

  • Empty the bins – some cleaners will miss the ones tucked under the desks
  • Tide marks around the skirting board – this is caused by a dirty mop and dirty water
  • Dust on the desk, computer and phone – this can be fixed by sanitising the equipment regularly, tip your keyboard upside down and see what comes out!
  • Smells in the toilets – Build-up of uric acid will cause this, regular cleaning and the use of very specific products is a must to stay on top of this
  • Vacuuming whilst I’m trying to work – We can schedule all our cleans to take place outside of your operating hours
  • Back up service, nothing happens when it goes wrong or nobody covers when the cleaner is away? – Employing a reliable team with a number of supervisors is the only way to ensure you get a consistent service and that issues are resolved quickly.

If you work with individuals or small teams it may not always be possible to get the cleaning schedule and standards that you are looking for. If you choose to work with Crystal Clean Service, you will get a dedicated team who are trained and experienced in commercial cleaning. If you are looking for a better service call us today on 0114 4010550