Why are cleaners not exempt from isolation?

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As the list of ‘exempt from isolation’ roles were increased last week we were surprised to see that cleaners were not included, when professional cleaning standards are considered essential to the recovery of the economy and the provision of safe environments for the public. 

The Cleaning and Hygiene’s Role in Restoring the Public’s Confidence

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We are pleased to see that the role cleaning plays in the recovery of the UK is being given high priority and we too feel that it is important to address the general approach of the cleaning industry. We would support better standardisation and regulation as this would raise the level of service and improve effectiveness of EVERY clean. It is vitally important that cleaning makes a real difference to the user as this will provide confidence in facilities and safety.

Commit to a cleaning service provider only when you are satisfied they can make a difference!

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We have been providing commercial cleaning contract services for 14 years and we have always put a lot of emphasis on our quality and professionalism.  Over the past 12 months we have seen an increased demand for regular cleaning, deep cleans and decontamination services. Our teams have helped businesses to stay open with our stringent and

Are you able to stay on top of your cleaning obligations during the pandemic?

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Trying to meet all the requirements for providing a Covid safe workplace is overwhelming. This ever-changing situation can be very difficult to navigate, how much time are you now having to spend on Covid related tasks at work? We all know the importance of providing a safe environment during the pandemic but realistically how much can you do yourself? Many businesses outsource a number of tasks, is cleaning one that you should consider?

Did you know that there is a difference between cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising?

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Cleaning removes obvious signs of dirt and debris. Of course, this process is important to keep surfaces and objects clean, however it doesn’t mean that this process on its own, is removing all traces of germs, bacteria and viruses.  So how do you ensure that your cleaning procedures are also removing harmful particles? You need


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