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Sustainable cleaning is our priority  

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In recent survey by, Robert Scott, it revealed that 78% of cleaning businesses surveyed, expect the sustainability of their products and business practices to top the list of their customers’ priorities. We have seen very similar requests from our own clients too. We launched our Crystal Change pledge in 2020 and we committed ourselves to ensuring

Cleaning is more than just a mop and bucket

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You will have heard us say a number of times that ‘cleaning is more than just a mop and bucket; cleaning is a science.’ When people hear this, we are sometimes met with strange looks or even a comment that we are over complicating things. Statements similar to this are not uncommon and although there has been an increase in demand for professional cleaners, we have noticed that as we begin to return to “normal” that some cleaning standards and expectations have begun to slide.


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As part of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint we are committed to everything we can to get to Carbon Net Zero by 2050 Whilst we continue to improve the way our business operates in order to improve our foot print and reduce our emissions we will also work hard to offset those emissions that we are not able to control or change at this moment You may be changing your opening hours for the bank holidays or for a prolonged period, which could have an impact on your cleaners ability to complete your normal schedule.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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As we head into the festive season we wanted to get in touch to review any changes to your cleaning schedule. You may be changing your opening hours for the bank holidays or for a prolonged period, which could have an impact on your cleaners ability to complete your normal schedule.

The science behind cleaning

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We have all seen the adverts and products promising to offer unique levels of cleaning power, when you look online there are literally thousands of options to choose from, but did you know that the majority of cleaning products work in exactly the same way. Most cleaning products are activated when used in water.  But

The Cleaning and Hygiene’s Role in Restoring the Public’s Confidence

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We are pleased to see that the role cleaning plays in the recovery of the UK is being given high priority and we too feel that it is important to address the general approach of the cleaning industry. We would support better standardisation and regulation as this would raise the level of service and improve effectiveness of EVERY clean. It is vitally important that cleaning makes a real difference to the user as this will provide confidence in facilities and safety.

Commit to a cleaning service provider only when you are satisfied they can make a difference!

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We have been providing commercial cleaning contract services for 14 years and we have always put a lot of emphasis on our quality and professionalism.  Over the past 12 months we have seen an increased demand for regular cleaning, deep cleans and decontamination services. Our teams have helped businesses to stay open with our stringent and


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