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Crystal Clean is a multi-award winning commercial cleaning company based in Sheffield, serving the areas of South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. We provide flexible and reliable cleaning contracts and have a broad client base of offices, showrooms, educational, healthcare and industrial properties. For more information download our brochure here or use the form below to get in touch with our team

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How can I request a quote or schedule services?2023-12-14T10:33:17+00:00

Getting started with Crystal Clean is easy! Simply contact us through our website, give us a call at 0114 4010 550, or email us at Our team will be happy to discuss your cleaning needs and provide a customised quote.

What sets Crystal Clean apart from other commercial cleaning services?2023-12-14T10:31:56+00:00

Crystal Clean stands out due to our commitment to excellence, professional expertise, and personalised approach. We prioritise client satisfaction, offer flexible scheduling, use eco-consious products, and continuously strive to exceed cleanliness standards.

How do you handle COVID-19 cleaning protocols?2023-12-14T10:31:05+00:00

Crystal Clean adheres to strict cleaning protocols related to COVID-19. Our team is trained to follow recommended guidelines, use appropriate disinfectants, and pay extra attention to high-touch surfaces. We prioritise creating a safe and healthy environment for your business.

Can you accommodate special cleaning requests or areas with specific needs?2023-12-14T10:30:18+00:00

Absolutely. Crystal Clean takes pride in offering customisable cleaning plans to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s a special event cleanup, specific areas with unique requirements, or any other request, we work closely with clients to tailor our services accordingly.

How do you ensure the security of our premises during cleaning?2023-12-14T10:29:33+00:00

The security of your premises is a top priority for us. Our team consists of trained and DBS vetted professionals who understand the importance of respecting client confidentiality and security. We can also arrange for cleaning services during non-operational hours to minimise disruptions.

Are your cleaning products environmentally friendly?2023-12-14T10:28:50+00:00

Yes, Crystal Clean is committed to sustainability. We use eco-conscious cleaning products that are safer for both the environment and occupants of the commercial space. Our approach combines effectiveness with a dedication to creating a healthier, greener workspace.

Why Choose Crystal Clean

Crystal Clean Service was established in 2008 by Hayley Koseoglu, at just 18 years of age. Hayley has grown the business completely organically with hard work, passion, transparency and honesty at the heart of everything.

The businesses strength is in it’s internal systems and processes which are designed to ensure continuity of service to clients. That along with high staff morale and retention rates make it the commercial cleaning company of choice for the region.

Crystal Clean is still owned by Hayley and employs over 90 members of staff at various levels within the business. Operating across Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire. Crystal Clean Service specialises in three key market sectors – office and business centre cleaning, industrial cleaning, including engineering and manufacturing, and car dealership and showroom cleaning. Each of these industries requires a range of cleaning services tailored to their individual needs, from daily contracted cleaning and deep cleans to window cleaning and washroom services.

Cleaning is a science, not just a mop and bucket…. Health and Safety plays a huge part in what we do!  Understanding the right products to use on what surfaces is a massively important part of the job, not only will you get the best result it will be done in a safe environment without causing damage. Knowing this requires correct training and experience, all our cleaners undergo thorough training and support to ensure that we are able to keep your site safe and clean.


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