When you get an over powering odour coming from the toilets in your workplace, the effects can be very negative. The smell on its own can be offensive but unkept washrooms can result in reduced productivity, as it can make some staff feel undervalued. It can also leave visitors and potential customers with a negative impression of your business. If your toilets suffer from unpleasant odours you have probably noticed this has become worse over the summer.

What causes the smell?

Unsurprisingly urine is the source of the odour and the build-up of uric acid, the smell is often most noticeable in the Gents. Urinals are often the source of the odour as regardless of whether the system is self-flushing or waterless, urine is left to settle in places within the system and then this can allow bacteria to build up. This odour is then caused by these bacteria, which actually feed on the urine. The more urine, the more bacteria and as the bacteria grows, so does the smell. Warm weather and higher humidity levels will then only intensify this!

Using the right products

Professional cleaners can use an acid neutralizer to break down uric acid build up. The type of acid used is very toxic and the smell is quite potent so only the most well-trained team members should use this. Whilst it can be very effective it can be also be very damaging to the skin and should be used with caution.

There is also the option to use an enzyme-based product to destroy the bacteria. These enzymes actually digest the bacteria’s food source and the bacteria itself, which in turn causes the bacteria to die and eliminate the smell.

In order to maintain a good level of cleanliness in the toilets, they should be disaffected daily using an acid neutralizer to ensure that you don’t get a uric acid build up. It is also advisable that whilst the urinals and the toilets are tackled with the neutraliser, you should also clean the floors and the tiles daily too, floor and wall grout is a perfect place for bacteria to grow!

Once all the bacteria are destroyed and digested, the smell will disappear, and regular cleaning will keep the bacteria away and prevent any unpleasant odours from returning.

Tips from Crystal Clean Service for fresh toilets

  • Daily cleaning with professional cleaning products will keep the washrooms fresh
  • Enzymes will help reduce bacteria
  • Make sure the equipment used is clean before you start the task, don’t spread dirt around!