It’s official we have now become a teenager! 

Such a lot has changed in the 13 years we have been trading.  So, let’s take a look back…..

2008 – Hayley set up the cleaning business as a sole trader but grew very quickly and by April Crystal Clean Service became a limited company, serving customers in and around the Worksop area with only 3 members of staff

2009 – We moved into our first office at Manvers in Rotherham, we won the contract for the cleaning and also made it our home for the next 4 years.

2010 – Business continued to grow and Hayley became Business Person of the Year at the Derbyshire Times Business Awards at this time we employed just 14 people.

2011 – The next two years were more challenging; we had grown quickly since we started but we didn’t have everything set up quite right.  We also made an attempt at setting up a management team but the structure just didn’t fit with the business and ultimately, we stalled.

2012 – We measured our mistakes from 2011 and implemented change for the better. We developed our own training academy for staff and focused all our efforts on quality, relationships and service! It paid off, we were awarded Excellence in Customer Service at the North Nottinghamshire Business Awards and towards the end of the year we began to see a small growth.

2013 – This was our turning point, we had moved on from the mistakes and were stronger for it! We continued to grow and relocated our offices to Mowbray Street in Sheffield. We also used the move as the catalyst to build a more solid management team to help with the increasing customers and our growing team. 

2014 – Sarize had become a pivotal member of the team and took on the Operations Manager role, Hayley was again recognised as Business Person of the Year at the Derbyshire Times Business Awards and the business showed positive year on year growth.

2015 – We were on the move again! We had outgrown our small office and so we moved up the road to Burton Street, at Neepsend and Crystal Clean was awarded the Employer of the Year at the Derbyshire Times Business Awards. 

2016 – We continued our growth and were awarded the Best Contract Cleaning Company at BUILD Facilities Management awards. Hayley found out she was expecting her first baby and so plans were made for her to step away from the business.

2017  – This was a great year for awards from the Rotherham and Barnsley Chamber, The Derbyshire Times and the BUILD Facilities Management but towards the end of the year our growth had begun to slow.

2018 – We turned ten and our team was now at over 70 people. We remained steady and retained existing clients but, unfortunately, made a few poor choices which ultimately led to a plateau in the growth of the business! 

2019 – Another change with the team!  Our founder, Hayley Koseoglu, had already fully stepped away from the business and had her second (and last) baby! Her words not ours!!  Hayley Gray had been bought into the senior team as Accounts Administrator and Sarize became our Operations Director, taking on a huge role to help drive the business forward. The changes we made to the business saw the business grow by over 20%. 

2020 –. We started off 2020 in a really strong position with yet another office expansion – this time back to Rotherham.  But shortly after this the pandemic hit and like many businesses it threw a number of challenges our way.  Many team members in the first lockdown were furloughed as offices closed their doors and, for a short period, we looked to be on course for our first ever loss-making year.   But thanks to our strong team we diversified into high-tech decontamination services and new products.  The ability to adapt our services and our team meant that whilst it wasn’t the year we had planned for, we were able to turn the year back into a profit. Our hard work also resulted in receiving a Three Best Rated Award for the Top 3 Cleaning Companies in our region. 

2021 – Like many companies we are hoping that 2021 will see a return to normal. Last year was extremely tough for everyone, but we are proud to have come out the other side and very aware that we are one of the lucky ones.  We can honestly say that we have learnt a lot from it and have emerged with a much stronger team, a better approach and really clear goals for the business moving forward. 

Wow, 13 years!  – It has been a long journey with lots of bumps in the road! And whilst it seems like a very long time, it really has flown by! As ever, we are truly grateful for the hard work and determination of all our team members and of course the loyalty and support from our clients.  Without them we would not have made it this far!  We are very much looking forward to seeing what the next 13 years will bring.